TERRY O’SHEA (1941-2002)

Milky Way Galaxy, 1974

Polyurethane, mixed media

38 x 38 inches


Artist to Jack Brogan

Artists Estate to ViCA


Art in Place, ViCA 2017-18

Art in a New Place, Long Beach Museum of Art Annex, 2018

A History of Venice, Mike Kelley Gallery, 2019

Terry O'Shea was an American Postwar Contemporary artist who was born in 1941. His work was featured in an exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and posthumously at the Long Beach Museum of Art Annex, Venice Institute of Contemporary Art, Mike Kelley Gallery, Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica Auctions and others. Terry O'Shea is featured in Review: 'Serious Candy' captures Terry O'Shea's elusive nature, a piece from the Los Angeles Times in 2013. The artist died in 2002. The Venice Institute of Contemporary Art represents the Terry O’Shea Estate.