Skeleton 2, 2017 - Oil on Canvas - 48 X 96 inches

Skeleton 2, 2017 - Oil on Canvas - 48 X 96 inches

REGINALd van langenhove

R. Van Langenhove (1962, Belgium) is a painter who's work is represented in art collections in Belgium, the Netherlands, Israel, Hungary, Spain and the United States.

R. Van Langenhove studied at the Free Academy Ghent, and under such artists as José Vandevijver, Marcel De Grauwe, in Belgium, Marion Henke in the Netherlands, Yehoshua Front and Ya’akov Boussidan in Isreal. He travelled, lived and exhibited in France, Spain, Israel and Germany - experiences which contributed to his evolvement as an artist. 

The work of R. Van Langenhove switches between impressionism, expressionism and contemporary classical painting, at times reminding one of Fauvism. "The oil paint is not just a medium to create an impression on the canvas but a substance to try and depict the invisible behind the visible; a spiritual journey of sorts", he says.

Reginald's most recent show was in Chinatown, Los Angeles, in the Hollywood & Fine exhibition of 2017.